These are the Real Player 8 settings that
will work best for 28.8 and most likely 56k.
Later Real Players will most likely need the same.
Note the buffer time of 180 seconds.
Also note the Normal Bandwidth of 28.8 with
a Maximum Bandwidth of 10Mbps.

Here is what you should see at 28.8
and at 56k.  I know the quality is blurry, but that
is the result of encoding the films for
the very slow modem speeds.  The 256k version
is much better and can be viewed by DSL or Cable modems.

 Below is the 28.8k version.

 Below is the 56k version.
It has slightly better video with better audio.

 Below is the 256k version.
It has a lot better video with a lot better audio.
When you see the images moving, they seem clearer.