1) Light boxes made of redwood, with the help of a table saw, for holding gels. 
These are very inexpensive (under $20 US) and utilize the "ceramic based" 
Brooder Lights purchased at a hardware store.  
I use these with 250 and 500 watt 3200 floods,
but you need to keep an eye on them as anything can catch fire with these lights.
I make no recommendation regarding the application of these boxes.  
You need to just use your own judgment and be safety minded. You can see 
that I have designed these boxes to allow for air flow past the lights and the gels.  
I am very careful not to place these lights near anything flammable.  I hang them from
my beam ceiling, thus allowing for plenty of isolation and air flow. 
Photo by: Jim Moss

 2)  Light boxes made of redwood, with the help of a table saw, for holding gels.  
After I ran out of these black metal gel holders I stapled the gels to the frames. 
This made since for the permanent colors like red.  Access to the lights for replacement 
was not as good using staples as I have to remove 3 staples to replace a light now. 
Using the black gel holders is by far the way to go.
Photo by: Jim Moss


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